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So I reinstalled Dragon Age 2 and restarted my 3 year old character

Gunna try to max out friendships (including my Romance with Fenris) and levels that I can get in game and finish all missions available to me using my import from Dragon Age Origins (King Alistair and Queen Warden). 

Let’s see how I do, shall we?

I will be streaming tomorrow at 7pm Central Time! 

  • Dragon Age (2 And Origins)
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
  • Sims 3
  • Wolf Among Us?
  • Maybe Other Games/Otomes?

Come join the fun tomorrow <3

hyrulehero105I heard you sing 'Goodnight Jean' You sang wonderfully ^^

Thank you very much! <3 I really appreciate that you enjoyed it =3



Hello everyone! Seraphim Entertainment is happy to show off more official artwork for Pizz’Amore! 

Say hi to “Dough!” Voiced by Peter W. Gerkman, Dough is one of the main characters is Pizz’Amore, and is here to help you out! Hope you like them in-game! ;)

Remember to stay tuned this week as we will be showing more artwork and we’ll also announce the RELEASE DATE this weekend! Stay tuned! :D

Hey guys and gals! Here’s my character, Dough that I’m lucky enough to voice as well! A character very near and dear to my heart! Stay tuned because not only will we be releasing information on the release date and more artwork, but some very Dough specific news too!

TRACK: "Goodnight, Jean" Italian Ver.
ARTIST: Michaela Laws
PLAYS: 158

I had to practice my Italian, so I translated what I could of my own lyrics from English to Italian from memory and knowledge. I tried. I most likely made some mistakes.


SONG: “Goodnight, Jean” - Marco’s Theme
Original song by Hiroyuki Sawano
Lyrics and Vocals by Michaela Laws

— My Headcanon is that Marco is Italian. —


Mi dispiace tanto per lasciare voi 
Ti prego di perdonarmi 
Per favore basta rimanere forte 
Condurre tutti alla libertà … 

Jean, io ci sarò 
Guidandovi attraverso il buio … 
Non ti preoccupare … 
Sono dentro il tuo cuore … 

Hai guardato le stelle sopra di voi ora … 
Lei non sarà mai sconfitto 
So che si può affrontare il mondo da soli … 
Ma sai che non sei mai solo … 

Jean Vi prego di ascoltare .. 
Migliore il meglio che puoi essere … 
Tuttavia … 
Vorrei essere ancora con voi ora


I’m so sorry for leaving you
Please forgive me
Please just stay strong
Lead everyone to freedom…

Jean, I’ll be there
Guiding you through the dark…
Don’t worry…
I’m inside your heart…

You are watched by the stars above you now…
You will never be defeated
I know you can face the world on your own…
But just know that you’re never all alone…

Jean Please hear me.. 
Be the best you can be…
I wish I was still with you now


Oh my goodness hi sweetie! X///D -hugs back!- <3 I’m very glad that you’ve been listening to my work <3 =3 Welcome to my little stream of insanity

This has been my jam ever since it came out #WriterNerd


"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, THAT’s Amore~" - Dean Martin

Seraphim Entertainment is happy to announce the upcoming release of…


"Pizz’Amore" is a cute and funny short visual novel where you, the owner of the famous New York pizzaria ‘Pizz’Amore’ find love in a VERY strange and magical way!

"You play as either Mario or Maria, the owner and lone chef of the famous New York Pizzaria “Pizz’Amore” who is suddenly and cruelly dumped! Unable to cope with the heartbreak, you decide that you will make the perfect pizza to heal your wounded heart!

However, the next morning, you receive a special oven that, from what you are told, was bequeathed to you by your late Grandmama! Your pizzaria flourishes that day even more so, but that night, you find out that the oven not only brings customers, but also brought two floury twins! This brother and sister tell you that they did not know where they came from and plead for your help, which melts your heart. You also find that the bags they brought with them have multiple clothes that strangely remind you of PIZZA TOPPINGS! What will you do?”

Featuring the FULLY-VOICED CAST of:

Helene Daviau as Maria
Ethan Nakashima as Mario
Sheila M. Gagne as K
Peter Gerkman as Dough
Cayla Martin as Dougha
Ethan Nakashima as Ex (Male
Chandra Sakura Hughes as Ex (Female)
Christopher Escalante as Jerk
Lee Turner as Loud Customer
Sheila M. Gagne as Old woman

Developed by Seraphim Entertainment:

Peter Gerkman - Writer (Main/Cute!Dough Route) and Creator
Michaela Laws - Writer (Main/Spicy!Dough Route) and Programmer
Helene Daviau-Hunt - Writer (Spicy!Dougha Route)
Adrian Gilbert - Writer (Cute!Dougha Route)
Camille Ruley - Artist
Christopher Escalante - Music Composer
Jonah Scott - Sound Designer

20-30 minutes Of Gameplay!
8 Possible Endings!
Original Soundtrack
Cute and Hilarious!
Custom GUI and Art!




Hey Everyone!

I’m looking for a CHARACTER artist for a really quick couple of projects, that will pay fairly good money! :D

Style and Payment will be discussed with me personally after you send me a few examples of your work (any image file or website will do) to my project email!


Again this will be quick and effective! Hope to hear from you all soon! <3

~Jonah Scott

-These projects may or may not involve my writing =w=-

Loot - Dragon Age 2 Fanfic

I found this from a long time ago when I first played DA2 (I believe I played it 2 months after it came out because of money issues). Featuring my playful Mahali Hawke.

Premise - “What’s the point of loot? You can sell it all as junk!”

Enjoy? Sorry if it’s a grammar mess. It’s old.

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A Very Serious Message from Michaela


I just want to place this message to followers or viewers of my posts, no matter if this message is reblogged or shared in any shape, fashion, or form.

Please do not go over that line of life and death. Please do not let any sort of negative feelings you feel drive you over an edge that you cannot return from. Please do not think suicide is an answer for anything you see or feel, no matter if you see it as oppression or not.

I cannot stress this enough. I have had way too many friends dance on that line between life and death— one almost succeeding in crossing over. No matter what life throws at you— be it rocks or lemons or knives or ANYTHING— you should never resort to taking your life against anything. No oppression is that large where you need to destroy your life. No stress is that big to where you need to erase your life from this world.

You are important. You are a human being. You belong on this earth. If you are living and breathing right now, you have a purpose to live, whether it be love or work or anything. 

If you EVER need someone to vent your sorrows to or just someone to listen or even someone to give advice, PLEASE come to me. Both my submission and ask boxes are open for anyone to utilize. I am comfortable and understanding with talking about anything, no matter if it’s a minority opinion, an experience that you’d think I’d never understand, or even a small thought you wish to express.

I am ALWAYS willing to listen. I will ALWAYS be open to give advice.

- Love, Michaela Laws

In case people did not see this from last night. This still stands and will forever stand as long as I am available.