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umekunoichiHi Mommy!!!~~~<3 This is a silly question. Halloween just around the corner and I was wondering, who do you think the incubi will dress up as? I keep seeing Erik as a pirate all day today. ^_^'

Oooooo Halloween <3 My favorite holiday <3

Well~ Let me tell you the costumes each boy has, sweetie <3

  • James - Fairytale Prince - “Allow me to accompany you with obtaining treats, my princess.”
  • Erik - Pirate - “A life of treasure, candy, and beautiful women is a life for me indeed~”
  • Sam - Werewolf… that’s not really a werewolf cause he’d just wear the wolf ears, rubber snout, and tail.. - “AWOOO GIMME SOME FRIGGEN CANDY!!!”
  • Matthew - Warlock/Wizard - “I put a spell on you!! Now give me some candy!!… please?”
  • Damien - Traditional Vampire - “Heheh I will suck your blood if you don’t give me candy.. am I doing this right?”
Our School Love CD-drama



So recently I’ve been paying attention to projects by Cylight Studios, who are also responsible for ORION which I’ll probably do a write up for later too since the demo is NEAT.

They’ve got a CD drama out called Our School Love which seemed interesting so I picked it up (you can buy individual character packs or pay $40 for a bundle of three, they’re about 20mins each).

It’s not that the concept of a CD drama is original, nor the content they were going for—CD dramas set in a high school catering to a romance fantasy are a dime a dozen… if you’re in Japan. But the thing is, English-language CD dramas are rare, nearly non-existent, which is the main thing that led me to giving this a shot.

The content is hella cheesy—which is to be expected, considering what CD dramas ARE. All CD dramas are cheesy, no matter what language they’re in. Cheesy does not by any means equal bad. Initially you might cringe a little awkwardly at the dialogue but most of that awkwardness comes from the fact that, face it, you’re not used to listening to these things in a language you understand, give it a minute and soon you’ll be smiling more than anything else and outright laughing at parts. The characters are all fun in their own ways; you want a tsundere? Jayden. You want kind and confident? Lee. You want an awkward little ball of fluff? Scott.

Basically give this a go if you like this sort of thing! It’s great to see some English-language stuff like this and with more support they might make more projects! I’ll put my impressions of the individual characters (in the order I listened to them) under the cut but I had a blast listening to these.

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Hey! Check out this awesome review of Our School Love! <3

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I’m sorry hunny bun D//X I’m an awkward glob of fluff and madness!!

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Chained The Monster - Seduce Me
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