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Does that make Chris a musical Battler?


AnonymousWhat is something you want to do before you kick the bucket?

Make an epic length visual novel series like the Umineko series. I mean this is ALL aspects.

  • Multiple characters to love/hate
  • A story that keeps an audience for the ENTIRE haul
  • Around 8-9 full VNs as a series
  • My own art work, just like how Ryukishi07 started the Umineko series (UMINEKO DID NOT START WITH BEAUTIFUL ART. It started with his own designs and artwork of the characters)

Yea. Eventually, it will happen.

picklesthekidOh my.... I knew you were gorgeous but you are absolutely sexy mama you better work it :)

Thank you .//////.

AnonymousI apologize if this has been asked before, and please don't interpret this as rushing or impatience, but do you have any ideas on when the rewards for the Seduce Me kickstarter will be finished? (I have a reward from the artist, so I'm particularly interested in that area, as well).

Hi sweetie!

Malta and I are working our butts off in Seduce Me along with our other projects and school work/intern work (I’m in summer school, Malta is in an internship) so the rewards are coming very slowly. As we placed on the kickstarter, we put a deadline for ourselves either for December (for digital personalized rewards) or February (for physical rewards) but we hope to get them out WAY before those deadlines (it’s just a matter of balancing the actual game and the rewards in aspects of work and time management)

I just got back from a 7 hour long adventure to the Bristol Renaissance Faire (Went without sleep too! I am exhausted..) This is the final product of a long night’s work.. Dusk Armor Isabela (Dragon Age)

I think I did pretty well. My paint jobs suck, but I did what I could with cheap foam and belts for the armor 12 hours before the faire after working on Pizz’Amore X///D

Now I’m off to pass out. Hope you like!

Anonymouswhat is the CUTEST scene youve ever seen?

I’d have to say the cutest scene I have ever scene was not from an anime or tv show or movie.

It was from Umineko (Episode Novel 6) after the final duel with Furudo Erika and Beatrice. Battler is broken from the defeated trance he was in and Beatrice just clings to him. However, you first hear her Witch tone and see her wide Witch mouth first

Then she reverts to the sweet in-love Beatrice she actually is

It may not have been cute for everyone who saw it when they played the game, but my heart melted and squeed for Beatrice and Battler almost instantly.


And finally, Seraphim Entertainment is excited to tell you more about…YOU! You as the main character, of course!

Voiced by Ethan Nakashima (male) and Helene Daviau (female), Heartbroken by a tragic breakup, you are determined to make the perfect pizza. However, when a new oven arrives for you, your goal for the perfect pizza is quenched by a very strange event involving two twins named Dough and Dougha.

Tune in tomorrow for a HUGE announcement including our release date, additional game info, and more! See you then!

I’m working on a costume and programming and homework…

So no stream today… SORRY </3

I stream Sunday!!




otome (GxB/GxG), genderbender


Alex has always dreamt of attending Oceanside Academy, a prestigious school well-known for its astronomy and astrophysics program. So naturally, when the opportunity for her to attend comes along, she takes it, though the catch is that she has to masquerade as her twin brother for the entire school year. Despite this Alex is willing to do anything to make it happen, and when she secures her spot there, she expects nothing but a smooth sail for the year in front of her. 

But her stay at Oceanside Academy will turn out to be anything but smooth. Even though Alex is more interested in learning about astronomy than anything else, her life will become entangled with others at her school. She’ll get into weird situations, make friends, break relationships, and maybe even find it in her to love someone. And not only will she have to deal with the brewing problems at her school, but she will also be forced to reconsider personal things that have always troubled her - her identity, her dreams, her future. 


  • free-to-play otome PC game
  • 5 male love interests and 3 female love interests
  • character-driven storytelling, no stat-raising
  • seasonal calendar in a one-year timeline (fall, winter, spring, summer)


I’ll be posting weekly updates about the game on this blog and lemmasoft!

OY OY OY CHECK IT OUT <3 The amazing and beautiful artist of Seduce Me, Malta, is making her own VN <3 =D Keep an eye out for updates from her!!

Anonymouswhat anime character do you relate the most to? who is your anime self?

imageThis wonderful and horrible woman.

Beatrice is quite possibly the closest character to match me. 

  • Hideous, unladylike laughter to boot.
  • Large bosom and continuous mentions of it.
  • A woman of power and a dominant witch at first glance, but is really a submissive yet demented sweetheart.
  • An understanding of magic but is open-minded to learn more despite her skill.
  • Would willingly give anything for love or to prove a point.

Beatrice is truly my anime form.

(From the absolutely fantastic Visual Novel/Anime series, Umineko Naku no Koro Ni)